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Andrew M McCall


Call, Apply, And Bind Methods In Javascript

Call, apply, and bind methods can be confusing for newer Javascript developers. In this post, we break down Call, Apply, And Bind methods for newer Javascript developers.

Vanilla Javascript Carousel Slider: A Beginner's Tutorial

Vanilla Javascript Carousel Slider: A Beginner Slider A photo or content slider is one of the oldest, but most popular design assets one can create with javascript. Many developers will reach for popular carousel frameworks such as swiper, slick, or photoswipe. Most of the time, you don’t need so much overhead. Let’s build a slider together and see how we can build a responsive slider without using a ton of a extra javascript.

Javascript For Countdown Timer | [VIDEO]

A recurring problem that I need to solve for clients are counting down to an event, such as a sale or promotion. Countdown timers can help create a sense of urgency for potential leads so they are often used to instill a “fear of missing out” sense in leads. If you wanted to, you could go a step further and pass in the DOM elements as part of the updateTime function to make it more reusable.

What Is Blockchain Technology And How Does It Work?

What Is Blockchain Technolology, Ethereum, Smart Contracts: Explained Feeling confused about the blockchain, Ethereum, or smart contracts? This article aims to give a general introduction to the components and principles of the blockchain and help newcomers understand some of the terms and definitions behind this newer and exciting technology. What is the Blockchain? The blockchain is a decentralized network of computers. Furthermore, it is continously growing in size. This is because the blockchain is designed to store a decentralized public ledger of information.

Hugo Website Tutorial: How To Create A Hugo Website

Hugo Website Tutorial: How To Create Your First Hugo Website Hugo is a powerful static website generator written in the GO language. It can help you create clean, modern websites that load quickly with little overhead. [VIDEO] Hugo Tutorials 👉 [Video] How To Install Hugo On Windows 10 With Chocolately Package Manager (Less Than 2.5 Minutes) 👉 [Video] How To Boostrap A New Hugo Theme And Display The Home Page 👉 [Video] Output Structured Data Using Hugo, YAML, and Frontmatter What is the Hugo static site framework?

CSS Grid Gallery: Easy Fluid Gallery With CSS Grid and Javascript

Learn how to create a fluid image gallery with css grid and a few lines of javascript. In the following article, we will learn how to create a grid gallery that is fluid and easy to navigate with CSS Grid and Javascript. First, we will create a container for our grid gallery. Then we will create a row of items. Finally, we need to set up a grid to contain the items in the row.

Custom React Hook Function: Create Custom Reusable React Hooks

If you have found yourself re-writing the same boilerplate React code over and over, You may be able to refactor that into a reusable custom React hook function that will save you time and help clean up your code a bit. What Is A React Hook React Hooks are a new feature in React 16.8, which allow us to use state and lifecycle hooks without constructor functions. They enable us to write less code, improve testability of components , and reduce potential side effects .

React State Array: Updating An Array That Is Stored Inside Of State

State is one of the most important concepts in React. It’s what allows us to build components that manage and maintain their own data, and it also enables us to create reusable components that can be shared across projects without duplicating code. But what exactly is State, and how do we use it? A component’s state is simply a JavaScript object with properties and values. The values of these properties can be changed over time (hence the name “state”) by invoking setState().

Everything You Need To Know About Parallax Scrolling & Javascript

Everything a beginner javascript student needs to know about implementing parallax scrolling on their website. What parallax is, why use it, why not to use, and a few ways that it can be achieved. What is parallax scrolling effects? What is parallax scrolling? If you have only come here for a parallax definition then your journey ends here: Parallax scrolling effects is a movement, one that is created by the scrolling of one layer of an image, which creates a sense of depth and keeps the audience’s eyes glued to the screen.