Meat Costing Calculator

Meat Costing Calculator A simple app to determine protein costs for retail meat operations composed with vanilla javascript, css, and html. Meat Costing Calculator

Background Changer

Background Changer Click the button, change the background. Generates random hex and looks it up using API to return color name. Background Changer

Javascript Audio Player

Javascript Audio Player Javascript Audio Player Using DOM manipulation, JSON, fetch API, async/await, and native HTML audio. Javascript Audio Player

On Point Cutlery

On Point Cutlery Static website built with HTML, CSS, Vanilla Javascript and compiled with Hugo Site Builder. On Point Cutlery

Bookescent Book Tracker

Bookescent Book Tracker A Simple NodeJS application with JWT Auth, Expressjs, and Mongodb demonstrating basic CRUD operations, authentication, and authorization. Bookescent Book Tracker

Oakwood Burger Spec Site

Oakwood Burger Spec Site Website deployed with NodeJS using JSON data structures. Oakwood Burger Spec Site