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Andrew M McCall


Golang Read Environment Variables From File: How To Do It [Code Snippets]

What Are Environmental Variables In Go A Cautionary Tale: My AWS Account Was Hacked And I Have A $50,000 Bill If you have ever used an API key or database connection string, you have most likely had a need to secure some sensitive data. Environment variables are a way to achieve this. We may need to do this because certain API’s can only be called so many times and the key is a way of authorizing our requests and keeping track of them.

10 Secrets To Creating A Personal Coach Website That Converts

Are you thinking about starting a personal coaching business? If so, you’ll need to create a website that can attract and convert clients. In this blog post, we’ll share seven secrets to help you create a personal coach website that converts. 1. Have A Clear and Focused Website Goal For Your Perspective Personal Coaching Clients When starting a personal coaching business, one of the most important things you can do is to have a clear and focused goal for your website.

Cookieless Analytics: Cookieless Tracking Alternatives To Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful web analytics suites on the internet today. Up until the release of Google Analytics 4, Google has relied solely on cookies to extract useful data from your website visitors. Google Analytics 4 introduces a new way of tracking users across devices and platforms, using something called the User ID. With this new method, Google can track a single user as they move from one device to another, and even across different browsers.

20 Traverse City Web Design Companies | A Complete Website Design List

There are many great options for web design and graphic design in Northern Michigan. The area is home to a number of talented designers who can create stunning websites and graphics that will help your business stand out from the competition. Whether you’re looking for a simple website or something more complex, you’re sure to find a designer in Northern Michigan who can meet your needs. We break down 20 web design agencies in Northern Michigan to help you make the best decision possible for your next web design project.

How To Create A Template Cache For Your Golang Web Application

A beginner’s guide to create a reusable template cache for your Go web application: eveything you need to get started. For example the net/http and html/template package are part of the standard library and allow us to create full-featured web applications with just the standard library. Template Cache In Go Web Applications: A Beginner’s Guide Getting started creating a web application with Go isn’t difficult. One area that was difficult for me was the idea of creating a template cache to serve Go template files.

Bootstrap A New Hugo Theme From Scratch [video]

A part of using Hugo is the freedom of making your own theme. In this tutorial, I will explain how to bootstrap a new Hugo theme so you can customize it exactly how you want to. I will go over verifying installation, creating a theme, telling Hugo how to use your new theme, and we walk through the very basics of setting up a theme so that the home page displays.

Install Hugo With Chocolatey Package Manager On Windows 10 [video]

Installing Hugo on Windows is easy with chocolately package manager. For those who are not familiar, Hugo is a static website generator that can help you manage blazing fast static websites with minimal effort. If you are on Windows, installing Hugo is easy using Chocolately Package Manager. Here are the steps we take. Directions To Install Hugo on Windows 10 With Chocolately Package Manager Navigate to chocolately package manager Click the “install” link which is located at the top right hand corner next to the light/dark toggle.

SCSS Use VS Import: How To Use @Use in SCSS

You have probably seen many times that @import is gradually being deprecated in SASS. So what is the alternative? Sass wants us to use @use which actually requires a little bit more setup but comes with the ability to namespace your sass and make it easier to maintain in larger projects. What Is Wrong With Using @Import in SASS? I do not feel there is any better way to put this than cite the official SASS documentation:

VPS Hosting Security: A Crash Course On VPS Configuration

VPS Hosting Security: What Do I Need To Know Self-hosting websites and web applications give you the ultimate control over your hosting but require a bit of knowledge to implement VPS Hosting Security. Have you ever tried to ssh into a shared server at hostinger only to find that they have bricked almost all essential functionality? The downfall of doing it yourself and having ultimate control is that your server will not be security-hardened out of the box.

Javascript For Countdown Timer | [VIDEO]

A recurring problem that I need to solve for clients are counting down to an event, such as a sale or promotion. Countdown timers can help create a sense of urgency for potential leads so they are often used to instill a “fear of missing out” sense in leads. If you wanted to, you could go a step further and pass in the DOM elements as part of the updateTime function to make it more reusable.