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About Me

Hi, my name is Andrew M McCall and thank you for visiting my website. My website journey began in 1998 when I created my first Bon Jovi fan website (it was terrible)!

I primarily work with Go and Javascript these days. Sometimes I dive into Wordpress as well when needed.

My favorite part of developing web applications is helping to solve real world business problems.

I have worked with Javascript, Go, PHP, Wordpress, Git, SQL, Postgresql, Mongodb, and many other technologies.

I currently live in Traverse City, Michigan. I am married to Elizabeth Bohnhorst and pet father to Ally.

In my free time I enjoy coffee, bike riding, freshwater aquariums, writing songs, and spending time with my wife and dog.

This site mainly serves as a teaching / learning resource. I love chatting with other developers, especially new developers making a career transition.

I would like to connect with you! Book A Free Web Dev Coffee Chat Session With Me.

Andrew M McCall in front of a desert painted background